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Churup lake

The trekking to Churup lake 4485m, is the most popular one day trek in Cordillera Blanca; it takes between 4 to 5 hours, starting in Llupa village, the nearest poin to Huascaran National Park. From this part we walk for around 1 hour to get Pitec,the limit of the Park, from here we walk up for m2 hours to get to the rocky part, amon quenuals typical andean bushes we arrive to the lake after of 1 hour more. This lake's color blue and green is unique and different to the others lakes in Cordillera Blanca it is located below the mountain of the same name, we walk aorund it shore; after torest and take photos we come back for the same to Huaraz.

69 lake

We depart for the Northern of Callejon de Huaylas, in the way we visit towns such as: Tarica, Carhuaz, Mancos and Yungay, from this last point we take the road to the East side of Cordillera Blanca arriving to Llanganuco lakes, all this part we do by car. Few kilometers of second lake of Llanganuco es located Cebollapampa 3900m, the starting point of the circuit. We take a small trail in Demanda ravine, and we arrive in 69 lake after of 3 hours walking, this lake is located below Chacraraju mountain. After to rest and take photos we go back for the same way to Cebollapampa,where the car wait for us to return to Huaraz city.

Wilkawain - Monterrey

Form Huaraz city we depart for Paria -Willkawain village, place where is located the Archeological complex of Wilkawain,ancient Pre-inka ruins, after to visit the ruins we start walk down to Monterrey hot spring, seeing visiting typical small villages we get to Monterrey hot spring after of 2 hours. In this place we find swimming pools with warm water, you can take a shower here. After to have enjoyed in the hot spring we take the bus to Huaraz city.

Pastoruri glacier

Pastoruri glacier is the most visited place in the area because its easy access, in the journey toward this place we will see the famous Puya Raimondi, that gets between 10 and 12 meters and its leaves are thorny, it grows above 4000m, it has the biggest inflorescence of all the plants in the world, its produces 5000 flowers and around 15 000 000 seeds, lives around 80 years, also we visit Pato Cocha (duck's lake), Gasified weaters of Pumapashimin, ancient wlla painting and the glacier of Pastoruri. All the tour is by car.